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“I tried to read the Bible, but I was so confused.”

April 03, 2020

“I was looking for answers. I tried to read the Bible several times, but I couldn’t understand it. I was so confused.”

That’s what we recently heard from one of the listeners of our Hindi broadcasts. Her letter continues:

“That’s when I found your program. My husband died long ago. My son died last year, leaving behind his family. Sometimes I am very much discouraged because of family matters, and my spirit is troubled. But listening to you explain the Word of God gives me strength to rise again and gain strength in my Lord. Please pray for my daughter’s husband and her in-laws so that they experience the love of Jesus and salvation in their lives. Too many here have turned away from the Lord and are indifferent to spiritual things, and they are among them.”

As we travel on our knees through New Zealand, off the southeast coast of Australia, we find this listener is right. Only one generation ago, only 1% called themselves “non-religious,” but by 2010 that number grew to 41%! It is estimated that this year Christianity will no longer be the majority religion and will be replaced by non-religious thought.

So, join our Hindi-speaking sister in Christ in praying for her family and others. May God’s Word be heard and people’s hearts turn in faith to the only One who will satisfy the longing in their hearts.

Thank you for taking part in this week’s prayer trek across Oceania. Next week we’ll be hopping around the globe, hearing stories of lives impacted by the gospel and preparing our hearts for Resurrection Sunday.