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“How do I know what’s true?”

April 13, 2020

“How do I know what’s true?”

That’s what Li Wei asks as he joins us on the Bible Bus in his language of Mandarin. His letter continues:

“Your programs seem to be based in God’s Word, but when I ask the local preachers, they criticize me for listening to a radio program and encourage me to believe what they say. Can you pray for me, that I will know what is right and make a difference in my village? My spirit says you are correct, that God’s Word is the final authority, but no one here believes me.”

While we praise God for taking His whole Word to the whole world and celebrate the growth of His church in China, pray for more people to have access to the Bible and to sound teaching of God’s Word there.

As the truth becomes known, pray for people to recognize and reject the lies of false teachers, and see instead the beautiful fruit of those who love and serve Jesus (see Matthew 7:15-20).

Tomorrow we travel to Mongolia. Pack your bags and meet us on the steppes there.