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“We find strength in God’s Word, but often feel alone.”

April 15, 2020

In Taiwan, many people follow a unique blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. We are privileged to pray for them today.

Although technically open to all religions, Christianity’s growth on this island has been slow. That’s why we praise God for listeners like this one who writes:

Previously we lived in disharmony. I felt pressure to earn more and more money and to be an important person. My life felt empty, and I was angry. A neighbor told me about your programs, and I began to study the Bible. Then, my wife joined me.

“Now we know peace in life is only achievable through a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, that He is the important person and we only have to follow Him.

“As we listen, we feel our family is changing. There are fewer disagreements, and we find contentment in what you teach. Please pray for us—our parents do not agree with our new thinking and mock our faith. We find strength in God’s Word, but often feel alone.”

Praise God for those who bravely leave behind the traditions and superstitions of their ancestors and choose to begin a new life as a child of God. Ask Him now to comfort and encourage them as they begin new lives with Jesus Christ as their firm foundation.

Join us tomorrow as our journey through Eastern Asia continues.