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How did God first get your attention?

May 01, 2020

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we celebrate with Mauricio in Uruguay as he tells of the creative circumstances God used to get his attention.

“I was ignorant and prideful, but God got a hold of me anyway. My son listened to your programs and prayed for my salvation often. I thought he was weak to turn to the Lord and, although I love him, I refused his invitations to listen to your programs and attend church together.

“Then, about three years ago, I was in my car and the dial on my radio wouldn’t move. I was traveling some distance, and all I could hear was a Christian radio station. I turned the power off, but I quickly became bored and turned it back on.

“After listening a few minutes, I was surprised by what you were teaching. I had never heard the Word of God spoken of or explained that way. I have had joy in my heart ever since. When I came home and told my family, my son began laughing and crying at the same time. Now we listen together every day. I know it was his prayers, together with yours, that are responsible for the way God got through to me. I’m grateful that the Lord used you to turn my heart towards His. I will now join you in praying for others.”

Praise God for His creativity in answering our prayers and how He answers them in sometimes unexplainable ways. Today, join Mauricio in praying that everyone who hears Thru the Bible will come to a saving knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our prayer journey continues on Monday. Meet us here.