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A message of joy from the slums of Nepal

May 14, 2020

Even in the hardest to reach places, God’s Word is going out today and accomplishing His purposes.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we celebrate the joy He’s brought through salvation to this family in Nepal:

“Every member in our family works to collect sand and stone to survive. It is not an easy job and we come home to the slum very tired each day and very hungry.

“Regardless of our difficulties, we are often asked about the joy on our faces. As we walk together, we explain that we are filled with joy and happiness through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

“Three years ago, we met Him through your program. In each struggle we count the blessings of God, which are uncountable. In the hardness of our labor, God blesses abundantly. And each night we are transformed as we sit as a family and listen to His Word.

“In spite of all our struggling and scarcity, we as a family regularly contribute small gifts for God’s ministry. It is a pleasure to give back to God, even in a small way, what He has so graciously given to us.”

Today thank the Lord for these brothers and sisters. Praise Him for the way He cares for them (and each of us) every day. And pray that more people in Nepal turn to Him to meet their spiritual and physical needs.

A listener in India gives up her false idols to follow Jesus. Find out more tomorrow as we travel to Andhra Pradesh.