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Praying our way through the “giant” of Africa

June 02, 2020

The giant of Africa. That’s what many call Nigeria, our World Prayer destination today.

As Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria represents 2.4% of the global population. Their rich geographic diversity is beautifully represented in 544 people groups. But along with diversity comes a lot of tension, particularly between the predominantly Muslim north and Christian south.

Welcome, prayer warriors. As we travel through this untamed country we stop and visit with a listener of Thru the Bible’s Hausa programs. He says:

“I want to become a Christian, can you tell me how? I am a Muslim who needs Jesus to save me from all my wicked ways, so that I can see God.”

Today thank God His Word is reaching many hearts in Nigeria. Ask Him to reach many more, especially the 63 million who speak the language of Hausa. Thank Him also for our local producers and teams who answer listener questions like this one through phone calls, emails, texts, and letters.

Our expedition through Western Africa continues tomorrow in Burkina Faso, meet us there.