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Praying our way through “the small island with big spirit”

June 18, 2020

The people who live in Guam are called Guamanians, and they are American citizens by birth.

Welcome, World Prayer Team, today we travel on our knees to their home, what many call “the small island with a big spirit.”

As we walk the powdery beaches and visit the historical sites, we discover that Guamanians are a bit confused. They may say they are Christians, but they mix in many cultic and tribal practices in their practice of faith. Jesus Christ is really just another idol to most.

Today, praise God for the truth in God’s Word that airs across Guam. Ask the Lord to bring clarity to the people in Guam about who they trust to save them. Pray for them to find freedom from false beliefs and joy in walking with the Lord each day.

Our journey through the USA continues tomorrow as God’s Word lifts up a broken-hearted pastor. Invite a friend to join us at