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Encouragement from England

June 23, 2020

Welcome, prayer warriors. Here’s great encouragement from fellow team members named John and Jane in West Midlands, England: 

“We have been Christians since our teens and are now in our sixties! We’ve been in several different churches along life’s path and currently consider Rev. McGee to be our Bible teacher in the true church, which belongs to Jesus Christ. This is our second round on the Bible Bus.

“We love to take part with the World Prayer Team, and as we read these testimonies we are blessed to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ wherever they may be. They are just a prayer away from us, even if they are on the other side of the world. We know in our hearts that this ministry is of the Lord and is so worth supporting, and we pray that together our gifts will result in souls being saved.”

Yes, may all our prayers and gifts result in souls being saved. Let’s echo that today and throughout this week as we travel on our knees through Western Europe. 

Travel in prayer with us tomorrow as we journey through France.