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Good news from the Netherlands

June 25, 2020

As we travel through God’s Word together on the Bible Bus, one thing you’ve likely noticed is sometimes the ride gets a little bumpy. In fact, you may have heard Steve inviting you back to spend more time in our “wild and wonderful” adventure through God’s Word.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we’re praising God for open doors in the Netherlands, and for His sense of humor. Here is a recent update from Gregg Harris, Thru the Bible’s president:

“Yesterday we began the third five-year cycle of our Dutch program. A lot of thought and work was put into the new cycle. And our ministry partners negotiated a contract with a new station that is generating a lot of excitement about the launch.

“Here’s the fun part, the name of the new station is ‘Wild FM.‘ Fitting, isn’t it? It’s also on the Christian online site
Christelijk Omroep and To God be the glory!”

Yes, to God be the glory for the work He’s doing in the Netherlands and in our lives, too.

There’s more to praise and pray about tomorrow in Germany. Meet us there.