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“Only God’s Word can heal what ails man.”

July 08, 2020

“Only God’s Word can heal what ails man.”

That’s what we hear from a doctor in Tanzania today as we travel on our knees through this peaceful and proud country. He continues:

“I own a clinic and am a regular listener of Thru the Bible in Swahili. Your teaching is heard in the waiting room. I have listened to you for many years and I know what the Word of God can do. I need my patients to be spiritually healed by the time they enter the exam room! I often tell them I am an instrument in God’s hands. I can patch them up and give them medicine, but true healing is of the heart. Only God can do that. If they ask me more, I give them a prescription to listen to your messages and to read God’s Word. It is my truest joy to partner with you in getting out the Word of God.”

What a great story. Pray for this doctor and all who share God’s Word in Tanzania and around the world. Ask God to provide for them and protect them, and through their work bring many into a saving relationship with His Son, Jesus.

What’s your story? Are you sharing God’s Word in your business, neighborhood, or community? Is God’s Word impacting you in a specific way? We’d love to hear about it. Email us at [email protected].

Our journey through Eastern Africa continues tomorrow. Come along as we pray for listeners of Thru the Bible’s Malagasy program.