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“Life wasn’t worth living anymore until...”

July 21, 2020

“I was depressed. Life wasn’t worth living anymore.”

As we pray our way through Southern Europe, that’s what we hear from a listener in Montenegro. But his life changed when he heard God’s Word on Thru the Bible. Here’s the rest of his story.

“I am the father of a beautiful family. I have two wonderful daughters and a good, hardworking wife. I’m grateful to God for that, but life was hard for many years. I worked for six years as a technical associate, but the company failed and I lost my job. That began a very difficult period for me. We did not have enough money; I could not provide basic things for my family. My mom helped us as much as she could from her modest pension. But I lost hope, I felt worthless, and shut down. My friend told me God would help me, but I didn’t believe it. I thought if God exists, He wouldn’t be interested in me and my problems. But it wasn’t so. My wife began to listen to some Christian radio programs.

“I began listening with her and loved the part of the day when my wife and I sat and listened to Dr. McGee. Soon everything made sense, and I started to believe God did not leave us, but in fact wants to take care of us. I learned I needed to surrender to Him and trust Him. We also started praying together. Soon, my wife got a job and after a few months, I did too. It was a sign God was answering our prayers. But the greatest blessing for us is that we have met God and we are still getting to know Him better.”

Praise God that His Word has the power to heal. Pray today more people in Montenegro will hear Thru the Bible, especially those suffering from depression and overwhelming circumstances. As they ride the Bible Bus with us, may God’s strength, encouragement, and hope be theirs. May it be yours, too.

A widow in Italy is surprised by God’s tender care. Join us for her story tomorrow on World Prayer Today.