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God cares for widows

July 22, 2020

The Lord watches over the strangers;He relieves the fatherless and widow. -Psalm 146:9

As our global prayer journey travels through the Italian countryside today, we meet with a listener named Martina who tells about the reality of Psalm 146:9 in her life.

“I’m a young widow. My husband’s death was a surprise to everyone. At first, I feared I couldn’t make it on my own. We were childhood sweethearts, and I never imagined life without him. Soon after his death, a neighbor told me about your teaching. Through God’s Word, I found the strength to face the pain, and now I feel better. Your messages help me to understand more and more what God wants to tell me through His Word. It’s often as if He’s speaking straight to me, telling me how much He loves me and cares for me. I especially loved your studies of the Psalms. Whenever I begin to worry, I remind myself of Psalm 146:9. I have seen His relief in my life and trust it will continue.”

Today let’s pray for this faithful sister and others around the world facing the loss of loved ones. Ask God to watch over them and protect them as they place their trust and faith in Him.

An amputee finds courage and purpose as he studies God’s Word. Hop aboard tomorrow as we pray our way through Portugal.