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In Serbia, ethnicity and religion go hand in hand

July 24, 2020

For most Serbians, ethnicity and religion go hand in hand. But having a relationship with the Lord is a foreign concept to most. As one listener tells us:

“In the city where I live, many say they are Christians, but this is mostly reduced to mere customs and tradition. There are very few who really read and study the Bible. That’s why I love Thru the Bible. I have personally learned a lot by listening, and I always recommend it to my friends who are interested and want to learn something more about God. Many are thrilled when they learn such a program exists in our country, and they usually continue. I just want to encourage you in your mission to bring people closer to the Bible. It really means a lot to our country in this tough time. We pray your ministry expands in this region so more people will hear this teaching.”

That’s a great request. Let’s join them in praying for more on the Bible Bus in southern Europe. As God’s Word goes out, may many more Serbians see their need and realize the answer to their hearts’ greatest desire is found in knowing and surrendering to Jesus Christ as Savior.

We’ll pray our way through Canada next week. Until then may God richly bless you.