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Officials in Myanmar call Christianity a virus … and it’s spreading!

August 04, 2020

“The C-virus”—that’s what the military regime in Myanmar calls Christianity.

As we continue our prayer journey through Southeastern Asia this week, we stop and pray for our brothers and sisters who worship Jesus in this highly restrictive country.

It’s tough to live in Myanmar and be a Christian. Some communities who want to remain “Buddhist only” make life miserable for Christian families. They don’t allow them to use community water resources and they pressure them to abandon their faith.

Yet in spite of that, God’s people are growing in His grace and love. This recent email tells us more:

“Through your programs I have come to understand God’s Word, and my life is much better. I feel satisfied in my new life because I now have a relationship with God and an eternal future. I try to live in God's will. I help my neighbors (all are non-believers) as much as I can, even though they often ridicule me. I never am unkind. As they mock me, I am gentle and go about my ways. Some have become friendly simply because I do not react and continue to serve those in need. Please pray for them; they need God’s peace, and they do not know it. And please continue to teach God’s Word. I study and pray every day, hoping it will keep me close to Him.”

Praise God today for this man and all those who choose to follow Jesus in Myanmar. As God’s Word goes out, pray many more will discover the glorious hope and future found in a relationship with Him.

We’re praying our way through the high mountains of Vietnam tomorrow. Hop aboard and join us.