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Praying for a growing church in the mountains of Vietnam

August 05, 2020

It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in on our Hmong brothers and sisters in the remote mountains in Vietnam.

So, prayer travelers, fasten your bootlaces and let’s hike.

As a reminder, the Hmong were originally from China. Oppressed for centuries, they fled to the mountains of Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand hundreds of years ago, and after all this time they are still considered “outsiders.”

Due to their remote location, missionaries don’t often make it to their region, but through creative listening devices that you’ve heard about at Thru the Bible, the Hmong are hearing God’s entire Word. One listener tells us:

“I want you to know I became a Christian when I heard your programs. I now lead 1,400 believers. It’s not easy, but I put my trust in God and your teaching is my guide. Please pray He will give me wisdom to lead well. I pray you will have strength and wisdom to continue to share God’s Word and encourage us to be strong in the Lord.”

Isn’t that amazing? Today let’s pray for this pastor, this church, and all those who will be impacted by their faithfulness. May God’s Word continue to spread in the mountains of Vietnam and in the hearts of all those who follow Him.

We’ll travel to one of the world’s “youngest” countries tomorrow. Join us in East Timor.