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“Even COVID-19 can’t stop God’s Word from reaching us.”

August 14, 2020

Be encouraged today by a father in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

“I was upset when our church shut down and we were asked to stay at home. But our pastor told everyone to listen to Thru the Bible and take this time to grow in Christ. What a delight. It is so great to join you in the journey. Even if we cannot go to church, God’s Word still finds us at home.  Even Covid-19 cannot stop God from reaching us. Indeed, God is there to give us hope when we are lost, and indeed God’s seed can never dry up no matter the situation. I am really blessed and now I believe as Jesus said, ‘with God all things are possible.’ He knew of this virus beforehand, and long ago made a way for us to still worship Him and study His Word. All praise and glory to His name.”

All praise and glory to God! His ways are often a mystery, but He is good all the time. As we bow our heads today, let’s praise God for always making a way to Himself and pray for one another in the middle of the uncertainty and isolation of the continuing pandemic. Through every valley and hardship, may His grace and love be experienced and proclaimed by His people.

Our journey through Southern Asia begins on Monday. We’ll meet you there.