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Good news in Jharkhand, India

August 19, 2020

“Jesus saves!” That’s what we hear from a listener in Jharkhand, India. But that’s not all the good news—he continues:

“I had never heard of Christianity. My life was unpleasing. I used to fight with anyone without any reason. After one bad fight, a friend invited me to his home for dinner. When I visited, the family was listening to the radio. The program began with a song and then your teaching started.

“After, he told me they listen regularly, and he believed that if I also listened to the program I would be changed. On that particular day, we were listening about the boy raised from the dead. After hearing your program, I couldn't sleep properly. The next day, I purchased a radio from the market and from then onward I have listened to your program regularly with my family. Earlier, people used to avoid me. But because of your program, people are amazed and have come to know about my changed life. This gives me an opportunity to tell them about the Lord Jesus, and when I do, I tell them God not only saves lives, He changes them too.”

Today let’s praise God for His saving grace and for the changes His Word, through the prompting of His Spirit, brings to our lives. And while we’re at it, pray with boldness for God’s Word to capture the hearts of people in Jharkhand, India (and capture our hearts, too).

Tomorrow we’ll pray for Thru the Bible to reach listeners in the language of Hindi. Join us for the journey.