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A taxi driver turned evangelist

August 27, 2020

While South Korea’s history is known for wars and international disputes, a strong, praying church has survived through it all.  Its fruitfulness is seen in the number of missionaries it sends out to the rest of the world, second only to the United States. Its faithfulness is also seen in the hearts of believers like this one from Seoul:

My name is Young-shik Lee, and I work as a taxi driver. I get to listen to Thru the Bible and find it so helpful in understanding God’s Word. I used to find it hard to understand, but thanks to you I can comprehend each book. I try to keep your teaching on while I drive with customers, so they get to hear it also. I now consider myself on the job for God. The driving is just a way to gain an audience. I pray for them and for you as you tell others about our great God, too.”

Yes, our God certainly is great! Today, let’s thank the Lord for men and women like this who share the love of God with others. Pray God’s Word will draw more South Koreans into a saving relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. He loves them, as He loves you. Pray with confidence today.

Tomorrow our prayer journey through Eastern Asia continues in Taiwan. Come expecting God to answer!