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“I felt God’s love immediately …”

August 28, 2020

“My sister was the first Christian in my family. She became a Christian when I was 16. She was banned from church, hit by my dad, and I was horrible to her too. She never was unkind to me, and even told me she was praying for me and gave me a Bible for my 17th birthday.”

That’s what we hear from a listener named Kuan, as we pray our way through Taiwan.

She continues, “I read it sometimes, but to my core I wasn’t a happy kid. As a teenager, I considered committing suicide because of family problems. When I was 18, a friend invited me to listen to your programs. I was surprised at the message and felt God’s love immediately. I am still listening. Thank you for your words that are bringing me closer to God.”

Thank you for praying alongside Kuan and other family members who wait for their loved ones to turn to God for new life and forgiveness. Keep at it and remember the more than 94% of Taiwanese who do not yet know the Lord.

We’ll be trekking through views of a lifetime as we pray our way through Peru on Monday. We can’t wait to be with you then.