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Praying for a country that is “bursting at the seams”

September 07, 2020

With more than 158 million people living within its borders, Bangladesh is bursting at the seams. One missionary partner compares it to half the population of the United States all living in the state of Iowa. 

Most people in Bangladesh live on less than $1 per day, with many surviving as squatters in one of the country's many slums or by trying to pursue farming on flood-prone land.

It’s here among these difficult circumstances that God’s Word is spreading. Listen to the faith of one friend on the Bible Bus:

“My father and I love to listen to your program every day early in the morning. For the last five months we have been listening regularly. It is a very peaceful way to start the day and has become my daily spiritual food. I am not a very educated person and am grateful to know the Bible more deeply. I share what I have learned with others. Most people are Muslims here, but if I am kind and careful, they are open to me.” 

Ask the Lord to bless the ministry of this person and all those who share His Word in Bangladesh. Although the constitution grants religious freedom, Christians can be persecuted and oppressed. Pray for their protection and for God’s Word to break through the many barriers (spiritual, cultural, and economic) keeping people from experiencing God’s great love.  

Tomorrow we’ll follow in the footsteps of those who brought the gospel to India more than 200 years ago. Join us as we pray for West Bengal.