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Praise God as we crisscross the gorgeous countryside of Poland

September 25, 2020

Away from the big cities, much of Poland feels remote and unspoiled. So, prayer travelers, lace up your hiking boots and get ready as we crisscross the gorgeous countryside praising God for His Word taking root in the hearts of listeners like this one:

“I pray the Lord will bless each of your programs heard in Polish. I had wonderful parents, and they recently passed away. I am afraid I only understood their importance after I lost them. I have not been as wonderful to my own children, and now I am committed to change.

“After listening to your programs, I am just beginning to understand my family’s spiritual legacy and have finally turned back to God. Although they are gone, my joy and consolation are found in knowing my parents would be pleased. Please pray for me. I want to lead my children in the ways of the Lord. His Word is now heard in our home every day in hopes that my children and my wife will come to treasure it.”

Praise God for parents and grandparents who are purposeful in sharing the knowledge and goodness of God with those they love. As you pray for your own family today, also remember those in Poland who are teaching their children to love the Lord.

Discover the diversity of West Africa next week as our world prayer trek continues.