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Greetings from a fellow prayer warrior in Goa, India

October 12, 2020

Remember those Home Groups we’ve been praying for in Asia? We’ve got some exciting news … God is growing them day by day and heart by heart.

Every day this week we’ll celebrate and intercede for this exciting effort, starting today with those who study the Bible with us in the language of Konkani.

Spoken by 7.4 million people mostly living along the western coast of India, Konkani is the official language of Goa and can also be heard in Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and other surrounding states.

While Hindu continues to be the largest religion throughout this region (and all of India), we praise God for the lives of those who join us in His Word and especially for those who have joined the family of God, like this sister: 

“I am inspired and challenged to spend time in prayer with you. God's love and mercy fill my heart as I study the Word. I hope your messages will reach the ends of the earth. Truly you are doing great work in service of the Lord. Please pray the group I study with will grow and that I may live a life closer to God.”

That’s a great request. In your time with the Lord today, please lift up this listener and all those studying in Thru the Bible Home Groups around the world. May their groups grow into fruitful churches in areas where there are none, and most importantly may each of them grow closer to God as they seek Him in His Word.

We’ve got more Home Groups to pray for tomorrow in Madhya Pradesh. See you there.