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Praying for marriages to succeed in Switzerland

October 28, 2020

No matter the difficulties within our relationships or how deep the hurt we feel, God cares about our marriages. That’s the message a listener in Switzerland recently needed to hear. Here’s her story. 

“My husband is very demanding and critical. Since my son married and left our house, I have been thinking about divorce. I’m grateful for your programs that bring me the truth of God’s Word and remind me that He wants my husband and me to succeed. My heart is broken, and I want to be loved. I recently heard your program on Ephesians 5. Will you pray for us? I would like us to honor God in our marriage, but after so many years of unkindness I’m not sure it’s possible.”

What seems impossible to us, is possible with God. Today pray for this marriage and remember those who struggle in difficult relationships in Switzerland and around the world. May God’s Word bring exactly what is needed—beginning with a new life in Christ—and then, through faith and grace, may they learn how to forgive each other.

God is here to walk with us through the heartbreaks of life. If you or someone you know needs to hear this encouragement, download Dr. McGee’s free booklet, “What to Do When Life is Hard,” today.

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