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Praying God’s love is undeniable to atheists in the Czech Republic

October 29, 2020

For only the second time since 1620, protestant churches in the Czech Republic are experiencing religious freedom. However, atheism continues to have a strong hold on this region, and those who don’t claim atheism often don’t understand how to know God. As one listener tells us:

“My family does not believe in God. Talk of Him was never a part of my childhood. As we faced life’s challenges, my parents relied solely on reason and science. I had so many questions and no one to answer them. Why did I come to this world? Where will I be when I die? Why do we live? Is there a God or not?

“In college I came across a student who I enjoyed talking to about these matters. He invited me to listen to your programs. At first, I was fascinated at the knowledge I was acquiring. Soon I began to feel my heart change. When we studied Romans 1:19-20, I realized I had no excuse and decided to follow Jesus Christ. My family doesn’t understand why I have chosen this path, but they have tolerated my decision. Please pray for them.”

Praise God that while people deny His existence, Jesus still loves and pursues them. Pray today that somehow, someway, more atheists in Czech Republic will hear God’s Word and respond in faith. Like this listener, may their curious minds draw them in, as God’s Spirit draws their hearts. And, above all else, may the name of Jesus be lifted up in the Czech Republic and His offer of salvation shared with every willing heart.

Our prayer journey brings us to Germany tomorrow, where we’ll look beyond the statistics and see God’s bigger picture.