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Numbers don’t give us the whole story…

October 30, 2020

As our team travels through Germany today, check out these fascinating numbers:

  • 64% of Germans claim Christianity as their religion
  • 14% of Germans attend church
  • 2% declare Jesus as their Savior
  • The Muslim population in Germany has grown to 5 million

While the statistics seem grim, numbers don’t tell the whole story. God is at work in Germany calling people to Himself in big cities, small towns and villages, and everywhere in between. How can we be sure? Here are just a few of the emails and texts we’ve recently received from those joining us on the Bible Bus.

A woman from Frankfurt writes: “I enjoy listening to your programs. The introduction into the Gospel of John this morning was instructive and interesting in a way I have never heard before. Thank you for your comprehensive teaching.”

A gentleman from Ahrensburg writes: “We are very excited about this program. For many years we have struggled for regular Bible teaching. We were hoping for a long series to help us understand more. Now we have found you and our troubles are no more. Thank you so much.”

From a woman in Bad Wimpfen: “Thank you for allowing me to journey through the Bible with you. I have challenged myself to remain constantly tuned to this program and to grow this way in my faith and to live with the Word of God in everyday life.”

Pray today for Thru the Bible broadcasts throughout Germany, especially in the closed Mennonite communities that speak Low German. As His Word goes out, may the truth draw more people into a saving relationship with His Son.

Meet us on Monday in Yemen as we begin a week-long prayer journey through the Middle East. Until then, may God bless and keep you as you walk with Him.