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“My son is troubled. I need your prayers.”

November 03, 2020

“My son is troubled. I need your prayers.” 

That’s what we hear from a single mother who listens to Thru the Bible in Armenian. She continues:

“I always listen to your programs, even when my son is at home. We live in one room, so whenever I listen, he has to listen, too. Before, he would get angry and leave the house at the time of your program. Recently he stays and sits with me. I believe God is working on His heart. I already see changes in his life because of this. I’m so grateful to the Lord and ask you to join me in asking the Lord to change him.”

Today as we pray for this mother, let’s lift up all those who fulfill parenting roles. Pray in confidence that where strength is needed, God will provide it. And where comfort and wisdom are needed, God will comfort and guide. Where instruction is needed—both for the parent and the child—God will instruct. Pray with confidence that God will provide.

And while we’re at it, pray for all those who hear Thru the Bible’s Armenian broadcasts in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and beyond. As His Word goes out, may hearts be open to receive the Good News of eternal life offered through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow we’re off to Bahrain where there is strong opposition to the gospel. Grab a friend and pray with us.