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Praying for physical needs and spiritual growth in Burundi

November 11, 2020

Compare your neighbor’s beautiful daughter to a cow and the reaction might not be pleasant. But in rural Burundi, where more than 92% of the country’s population live in family groupings too small to be called villages, referring to a young woman as a calf or cow compliments her beauty.

Welcome, World Prayer travelers. Over the past few years, we’ve prayed our way across this struggling nation, asking God to meet their dire physical needs and bring them hope and life through His Word. Today as we continue to lift up their hardships (food insecurity, chronic malnourishment, and medical care to name just a few), let’s also praise God for the way His Word is making a difference in the lives of those who join us on the Bible Bus each day like this one:

“Thank you for your explanation of the Bible. I am a Christian but have some sins that I struggle with. I doubted I could be forgiven and strengthened by the Holy Spirit to overcome them. But you have given me confidence that I can. Please pray for me.”

It’s a privilege to join with you in prayer. Meet us tomorrow in Mozambique as a listener tells us about the importance of Psalm 18:2 in his life.