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“Praise God for the pandemic that brought me to our Savior.”

November 19, 2020

Open doors. It’s something we pray a lot for as a World Prayer Team, isn’t it? This year we received good news of open doors to begin broadcasting on a network of stations throughout Mexico called Radio Formula. Together let’s rejoice in how God is already using His Word to change lives:
"I am Emilio from Mexico City. These days my place of work has shut down. At home, I wake up very early—often at 4am—and can't get back to sleep. One morning I was changing stations on my FM radio, looking for something to listen to. Then I heard the speaker on the radio say they were going to explain the book of Genesis. Out of curiosity, I decided to listen and discovered that this was an easy way to understand the Bible. The program seemed very short. I once wanted to read the Bible, but I did not understand it. 
“The message was so clear. Learning that God knows me so well, He knows how many hairs I have, He does not leave me alone, even now when we have not seen our children and grandchildren for weeks, has helped me so much. I returned to my bed very happy but questioning if my name is in the Book of Life. When dawn came, I told my wife what I heard and then called the station for more information. After some conversation, we prayed together that God would enter my heart. Now I am much calmer, and I am assured I am one of God’s children.
“Every day my wife and I turn on the radio, and we also told our children to listen to the program. When this pandemic ends, we will attend Sunday meetings with your people. Praise God for the pandemic that brought me to our Savior.”

Praise God He uses our difficult circumstances for His good (Genesis 50:20). Pray many more in Mexico will hear God’s Word on Thru the Bible and turn to Him in faith.

We have a new brother in China. Come celebrate with us tomorrow on World Prayer Today.