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A sister in Greece knows best

December 04, 2020

“Feeling restless and upset with life, I began looking for God. But I didn’t know where to go.”

That’s the beginning of a letter we received from a listener of our Albanian programs in Greece. He continues:

“One day I mentioned this to my sister, and she laughed and said, ‘Start with the Bible—you won’t need to look anywhere else. As you read, you’ll find perfect peace.’ I didn’t have a Bible in my home, so I downloaded one that evening. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I began in Genesis. I had so many questions and was frustrated, but somehow I knew there was a message from God inside. I couldn’t give up. Then a friend of mine told me about your study online, and it made all the difference. I have begun to listen on my phone, and I am already learning how to know God. The simplicity of what you teach makes me want to continue. Thank you for helping me realize His Word is for me, too.”

Praise God for the people and circumstances He places in our path to bring us to Him in faith. Who is pointing you to Jesus? Thank God for their influence in your life, and as you do ask Him to use you as a reflection of His grace and mercy as well.

And if you’d like to share the hope and eternal life Jesus offers us through His death on the cross with others, we can help. Go to the page on called How Can I Know God? to download several resources for free.

Next week we hear a song of hope from a listener in Korea. Join us on World Prayer Today.