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What is turning your attention from Jesus?

January 07, 2021

“Having things provides security—that’s what my mom and dad taught us growing up. Although I am now a Christian, I recently heard your program on idols. It made me think.”

That’s what we hear from a listener named Yeta in Albania. She continues:

“As I have studied more with you, I have learned that so many us of adore idols without realizing it. Money? Your home? Clothes? Sports? What is keeping our attention away from Him? I ask God to open our eyes so we only worship Him. May you be rewarded for sharing His Word with us.”

What a terrific request. As we gather on our knees today, echo this great prayer for all those in Albania, Southern Europe, and in our own lives. As we said at the beginning of this prayer journey, we want to see the things of Jesus, and to see Him clearly. So, let’s ask the Lord to remove all our distractions.

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