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Focus on what is eternal

February 09, 2021

“I am disappointed it took me so long to discover your programs on my outdated radio, but I know God had a hand in it.”

That’s what we hear from a listener of THRU the BIBLE in Dutch from her home in Bonaire. She continues:

“My late mother always said, ‘Nothing comes before its time.’ So now I am spending my time investing in Bible study and sharing my knowledge with others. I am an old woman, but through your programs I still have purpose. The things that were important in my youth have faded away. I am left to focus only on what is eternal.”

Isn’t that great? Today, thank God for His Word that continues to draw listeners like this one to Himself. As we do, let’s ask Him to help us focus only on what’s eternal, too.

We hear Good News in Costa Rica tomorrow. Hop aboard and join us.

Listen here to TTB-Dutch.