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God is at work in Spain

February 22, 2021

Don Quixote. Fiestas. Flamenco. Running of the bulls. Pack your bags, today we’re traveling on our knees to the country of Spain.

As we take in the incomparable sights and sounds (including a quick side trip to taste some unbelievable tapas), we stop and rejoice in the way God’s Word heard on THRU the BIBLE is making a difference in lives of our fellow listeners.

Elena tells us: “It has been a blessing to study Deuteronomy. Our group has grown to six sisters, and we love learning together every day. We desire to start the book of Acts, where the Lord may talk to us again.”

Vincente says: “I am a new listener and have no words to thank you for how much the program has helped me. I plan to keep listening to each program as it is an incredible tool as I study the Word of God.”

And Valentia shares: “I used to listen to you a lot and I would spend hours learning. Because of circumstances I stopped listening, but I always hoped to begin again. Recently I began to listen on my way home from work. I feel as though I have returned home. Thank you for always reminding me to spend time with my first love, the Lord.”

It’s undeniable, God is working through His Word in Spain. Let’s thank Him now:

Father, thank you for Your Word that is changing lives around the world. We’re grateful for these encouraging stories from those who love and follow You. We pray more Spaniards will hear the name of Jesus and be drawn into an eternal relationship with Him. May Your Word be the catalyst for spiritual renewal that begins in Spain and spreads throughout all of Europe.

Meet us in Sarajevo tomorrow as we travel through the divided country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Listen here to TTB-Castilian Spanish.