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Discovering the sweet satisfaction of serving the Lord

March 09, 2021

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God. -Ephesians 2:8

Welcome, travelers! Our worldwide prayer journey brings us to the Philippines where we stop and meet with a listener named Helen who asks us to pray for her family.

“I was raised believing in God, but there were so many rules to follow and so there was so much guilt. My mom is very devout. It put a strain on her relationship with my dad, and she continually lectured us about right and wrong in God’s eyes and took us to the priest to confess our sins. No one could live up to mom’s expectations, let alone God’s.

“When I left the house, I left the church. That’s when I found you. A neighbor was listening to your programs and I could hear it from her open window. I asked her what it was and she gladly told me. The next night I listened on my own and then every night after. When your study came to Romans and then to Ephesians, I felt I finally understood. I no longer feel trapped by religion, but I feel a desire to serve the Lord. I’m not afraid of doing wrong, I desire to do what is right.

“My mother still attends her services, my father and most of my brothers and sisters do not. Please pray they hear the truth and come to know the freedom found in a relationship with Jesus and the sweet satisfaction of serving Him. I am praying and believing in a new legacy of faith for my family.”

What a great request. As you pray today for unsaved family members and friends, will you add Helen’s family and the family members of all those who ride with us on the Bible Bus to your list? May their hearts and minds be ready to hear the Good News God offers us all through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Why do you love the Bible? A listener named Dhan in Vietnam tells us his answer tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

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