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A family finds purpose during Covid-19 lockdowns

March 26, 2021

“Covid-19 paralyzed all our church activities. We were hostage and have longed for freedom.”

That’s the message we received from a listener of THRU the BIBLE’s Lingala programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He goes on to say:

“While away from our church family and friends, the activity we realized we could still engage in was prayer. So, our family began a serious endeavor. We listened to your Bible study and we began to pray together each evening. Sometimes it would go late into the night. Many of our prayers were for your team to be strong and work hard, realizing all you do is done for the Lord. Mostly we prayed for God’s Word to be heard by many who normally do not take time to read the Bible or think about God. It is now a highlight of our family time together. In an odd way, we are grateful for the lockdown. It helped us focus on what is important.”

What a great realization. As we gather on our knees, let’s also ask the Lord to give strength and purpose to our in-country teams. And of course, for God to use all circumstances to bring more people to Himself and His Word.

We have a lot to celebrate next week. Join us as we count down to Resurrection Sunday.

Listen here to TTB-Lingala.