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“My will is so weak, but the Lord is strong.”

April 12, 2021

Welcome, prayer travelers. This week as our journey through eastern Asia begins, we stop and visit Dandan in China.  

“My will is so weak, but the Lord is strong. I’ve made resolutions to read the Bible many times but could not persist. I get distracted and discouraged, mainly because I couldn’t understand what I read. Now I believe the Lord has led me to you. I understand what I hear. I’m thankful that you go through the Bible chapter by chapter and in detail. This is truly God’s gift. I pray I can keep up for the five years, but I will leave that to the Lord, as I know I cannot do it on my own.” 

It’s true—we can’t do much in our power, but when we rely on God we are able. Pray for Dandan and all those on the Bible Bus with us. Ask God to keep us rooted in His Word and to keep drawing us to Himself.  

Pack your bags, tomorrow we’re praying for God’s people in Mongolia.  

Listen here to TTB-Mandarin.