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God’s Spirit makes all the difference

June 04, 2021

“Turn your life over to the Spirit of God. Yield to Him. Let Him do what you can’t do for yourself.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee

If you’ve ever been frustrated by your inability to live for God through your own strength, you aren’t alone. One THRU the BIBLE listener in Niger shares his struggle.

“I want the Lord to be at the center of our home, but I don’t have the strength to walk according to His principles. I am grateful for your programs that are showing me how I can do this through the Holy Spirit. I still make mistakes, but I’m learning a little more each day.”

Praise God for His Spirit who guides and instructs us through His Word. Today let’s pray more people in Niger and around the world realize the power God gives us when we are completely dependent on and trust Him.

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We’re praying 1 Thessalonians 2:13 on Monday in Finland. Come along and meet us there.

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