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Praying for refugees in Sweden

June 11, 2021

The Bible Bus is rolling along in Genesis and today we embark on one of the greatest refugee stories of all time (well, with the exception of Jesus, Himself).  

We begin with the story of Joseph, then his brothers, and ultimately an entire nation enslaved in Egypt. If you haven’t hopped aboard already, don’t miss the beginning of this remarkable study!

With Joseph’s story as our backdrop, it’s fitting that today our World Prayer Team is traveling through Sweden, praying for the many refugees who hear THRU the BIBLE in the languages of Persian, Hindi, Albanian, Arabic, Turkish, and Somali.

As they hear God’s Word, may these precious brothers and sisters realize that, like Joseph, God’s plan of redemption for them is far greater than the rejection and harm they may have experienced in this world. In His arms, may they find rest and ultimately a home for their wayward souls.

Our prayers take us through the United States next week. Meet us in Indiana on Monday.