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Praying for full churches in Austria

June 21, 2021

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we touch down in the capital of Vienna and quickly realize that Austria has a little bit of something on every traveler’s check list. Skiing, lakes, world-class resorts, fine arts—Austria has it all when it comes to recreation.

As we leave the big city and head into smaller towns and villages, we meet with Miriam who joins us on the Bible Bus each day.

 “I am a believer and I enjoy listening to the Word of God. I belong to a small community of Christians. We get together and worship God and Jesus in Spirit and Truth. I want to thank you because your program is an inspiration to us during our Bible studies. We understand so much about the Bible now and our discussions are deep and delightful.”

This is great news! In a country where only 9% of people attend church, praise God His Word is reaching into homes and His Spirit is drawing hearts into a relationship with Jesus. Pray more Austrians will join us each day and that soon every seat and pew of every church is filled with believers who shine brightly for God and stand for the truth that sets us free.

Our journey through western Europe is just beginning. Join us tomorrow in the United Kingdom.

Listen here to TTB-Italian and TTB-German.