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What’s the difference between faith and tradition?

September 22, 2021

“We are justified by faith. Put simply, salvation comes only by the grace of God.”

That’s the opening of Dr. McGee’s popular booklet, “The Faith Equation: Faith + 0 = Salvation,” and it’s also the truth Alina in Ukraine realized as she hopped aboard the Bible Bus. Here’s her story.

“I thought I was a Christian. I went to church a couple times a year and I tried to read my Bible, but I heard your program and had so many questions. There was so much I didn’t understand. It turns out Christianity was just a tradition to me. With your help I have given my life to Jesus and am very excited to understand the Bible.”

Many in Eastern Europe consider themselves Christians because they were baptized as children or attend church occasionally. Like Alina, their faith is based on tradition and culture rather than the saving power of the gospel. Pray today that as THRU the BIBLE goes out, more people come to know Jesus and choose an intimate and personal relationship with Him.

Lithuania is our destination tomorrow. Join us for the journey.

Listen here to TTB-Ukrainian.