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Spreading God’s Word in Tajikistan isn’t easy

February 17, 2022

If we’ve learned anything from our previous visits to Tajikistan, it’s that there are very few Bible believing Christians and the spiritual soil seems hard and dry to the gospel. 

Welcome, World Prayer Team! In spite of the difficulties, we stop and thank God for how He’s using His Word to reach listeners like this one in Tajikistan: 

“I am a mother of three children. I have heard your programs. I was impressed that they are very easy to understand and prepared for the people of our culture. The pleasant and kind voice of the teacher pushes me to listen again. Now I’m beginning to think about them throughout the day, paying more attention to my life. I see many mistakes, and I’m trying to correct them. I listen to the programs so much that my children also started listening with me. Thank you for teaching me something new that is changing my life.”

Pray for this mother and those in Tajikistan who listen to THRU the BIBLE. As they engage with His Word and change their habits, may their hearts be forever changed too.

Christians in Turkmenistan desperately need our prayers. Join us tomorrow for some specific suggestions.