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Praying for the three P’s in Turkmenistan

February 18, 2022

People, protection, and progress of the gospel—that’s what we’re praying for in Turkmenistan today. Why these three P’s? Although the constitution claims religious freedom, the reality is quite different. Those who choose to leave Islam and follow Christ often experience intense pressure from families, friends, and villagers to deny their faith—particularly those in rural areas. So how shall we pray? Here are a few ideas: 

  • People: Before we ask God to bring more people in Turkmenistan aboard the Bible Bus, let’s first pray He prepares them for what they will hear. Pray the circumstances and people He brings into their lives help soften their hearts and ready their minds to hear His truth and accept it. Then go for it! Ask Him to bring the entire country on board with us … there’s room!
  • Protection: Ask God to supernaturally grant safety and peace to those who follow Him. Ask Him to guard and guide His people as they live for Him in this sensitive and potentially volatile region.
  • Progress: Pray for God’s favor as His Word goes out. May it reach every corner of Turkmenistan for His glory. Ask Him to open doors for the gospel to be proclaimed in new and creative ways and His name worshipped openly and widely.

Rest up, travelers, we’re asking God to do big things in Spain next time, and we need you aboard.