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Finding purpose in the pain

February 24, 2022

“My friend, God has purpose in how He is shaping us, and that comforts me. He has a plan, and He knows what He is doing. When God puts us on the wheel of circumstance, He means to accomplish something.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee, from our study in Jeremiah

When bad things happen, it’s easy to wonder why God allows us to suffer. Have you ever thought maybe He’s turned His back or has forgotten you? His Word tells us differently, and so does this listener in Albania. Listen to her great story.

“I lost a pregnancy and was inconsolable. Since I could not give him a son, my husband left me. I moved back in with my parents and didn’t leave my bedroom for months. My parents are from another religion. They were so worried, they allowed a Christian neighbor to start visiting me. Although I would not talk to her, she brought her radio and sat with me every day.

“After a few weeks, I felt that God was speaking directly to me. Seeing my interest, my family started listening, too. Today we are together in the faith.

“Thank you for those programs in Jeremiah that quite literally kept me from wasting away. I now lead a study for women in my neighborhood. We laugh, cry, worship, and believe God has a purpose in bringing us together.”

Thank God He has a plan and purpose for our lives. Intercede for all those on the Bible Bus who are suffering. Ask God to show them what He wants to accomplish through this season of suffering and pray through faith they are able to grab hold of it.

Although we don’t love it, suffering does have a purpose and a place in the Christian life … most importantly to draw us closer to God. Want to learn more? Download Dr. McGee’s booklet “Why Do God’s Children Suffer?“  

A Muslim woman fears death and finds Christ. Join us tomorrow as we travel to Kosovo.

Listen here to TTB-Albanian.