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A fear of death leads a Muslim woman to Jesus

February 25, 2022

“About the time I turned 30, my fear of death intensified. My Muslim faith was of no help. I was overcome with morbid thoughts and began to develop agoraphobia. I was desperate to find peace.”

That’s how one woman in Kosovo describes the beginning of her faith journey. Here’s the rest of her story:

“Even when I was young, I always wondered what the reason of this life was. It seemed we are young, we grow older, get a job, have a family, then there is retirement, and no matter how many days we have left, in the end we all die and become dust. It seemed pointless. But when my fears overcame me, I started to search outside of Islam. Although it’s hard to find Christian materials here, a Bible was left behind at the apartment I moved into. I began to read, and although I understood almost nothing, somehow I knew that I should continue. Then I found your program.

“My perspective and outlook on life have changed completely since then. I discovered that life is full of meaning and that we are all here for a purpose. It was as if I was falling more and more in love with God’s Word as I listened to Dr McGee every night. God changed me and called me to surrender completely to Him, which I eventually did. Indescribable joy came to my heart, and everyone saw that something had happened to me. A lot has changed in my life since then. I started a wonderful walk with God. His Word illuminates the path we should take. God has given me peace and purpose. I keep listening because I always come across a new revelation that helps me face the daily challenges that life imposes on us.”

Knowing God certainly does give us peace and purpose. Thank Him for that today and pray more people in Kosovo and throughout southern Europe hear His Word on THRU the BIBLE and find meaning in living for Him each day.

Hop aboard the Bible Bus on Monday and then meet us as our prayer journey through North America begins.

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