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Don’t waste the opportunities God gives you

June 24, 2022

Don’t waste the opportunities God gives you. That’s the lesson we learned from Samson today on the Bible Bus, and it’s also the lesson Karl in Germany learned from Dr. McGee’s study of Ezekiel. Here’s his story:

“I have been a loyal listener for a very long time. Each lesson is insightful. I was especially touched by the book of Ezekiel. I am now more determined to live for God and not turn my back on Him. Ezekiel’s methods were unique, and His message was powerful, but it fell on deaf ears. Please pray that I will hear God when He speaks to me.”

What a great request. As we pray for Karl today, let’s ask God to open our eyes and ears, too.

Father, thank You for Your love in our lives. You are a good Father, and we submit to Your Word and the guidance of Your Spirit. Let us hear from You clearly today. We desire to know Your thoughts and let You lead our lives. Show us the things that are unseen, visible only with spiritual eyes. Don’t let us waste a day, a minute, or an hour of opportunity that comes from You. Especially those that allow us to share Your love and grace with others so they will know You, too. In the precious name of Jesus, amen.

If you are breathing, you can serve the Lord.” That’s what we hear from a listener in South Africa on Monday. Meet us there.

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