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Hearing about God in unlikely places

August 15, 2022

Where did you first hear about Jesus? From a parent, friend, or neighbor? A listener named Dipamoni heard of Him from the most unlikely of places … a television news show in Assam, India. Here’s her story:

“The news story spoke of your program, and it captured my curiosity. I began studying with you regularly. I am not a Christian, but I like the way Christians pray for others in need. I have joined you on occasion, and I have also shared your program with my friends.”

In Assam, two-thirds of the population identity themselves as Hindu and one-third as Muslim. Very few consider themselves followers of Jesus Christ. Thank God today for the unlikely ways He is drawing people to Himself and His Word. Pray for Dipamoni and all those who hear THRU the BIBLE in Assamese. May their curiosity soon turn to a deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow we travel to Karnataka and get sweet encouragement from a sister who’s on the Bible Bus in the Kannada language. See you there!

Listen here to TTB-Assamese.