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Praying our way through the UAE

September 15, 2022

Discreet. That’s the word you can use to describe nearly all Christians living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Welcome, World Prayer Team! Today we’re traveling on our knees to the opulent city of Dubai, where we’re reminded of a few things we’ve learned on previous journeys:

  • Islam is the state religion, with a Sunni majority and a Shi’a minority.
  • Of the 43 people groups in the UAE, 25 remain unreached by the gospel—most of these people do not know how to read or write.
  • Sharing the gospel with Emiratis is illegal, and those who do can be arrested, imprisoned, and deported. Even so, an estimated 8% of the population are followers of Jesus.

Today pray for all those discreetly living for Jesus in the United Arab Emirates. May God give them both discernment and boldness as they share the good news of Jesus with those around them.

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