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“Be bold! Be brave! Keep going!”

October 19, 2022

Be bold! Be brave! Keep going!”

That’s what we hear from Evan in the Pacific Northwest. He continues:

“I am from Seattle, and it is a great joy for me to send you this donation and support you in the mission of taking God’s whole Word to the whole world. I listen in Spanish on my way home from work. Although I have known the Lord since childhood, your program helps me understand many new things. The recent studies in Joshua about courage, strength, and perseverance encouraged me. I pray many more people hear the Word of God and come to rejoice in it. May God continue to strengthen you in faith and guide you through His Holy Spirit to continue preaching His Word to a world so in need of Him.”

What great encouragement. Today let’s pray for perseverance as we follow Jesus and faithfully study His Word.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us lives that can glorify You and serve others. We know we fail at times, but give us the strength and courage to get back up and try again. Help us to faithfully study, rejoice, and obey Your Word so we can praise You in all circumstances and persevere in our faith. Let us be beacons of Your light in this dark world. In the precious name of Jesus, amen.

Ready for more encouragement? Join us tomorrow as our prayer journey through North America continues.

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