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From despising the Word of God to desiring it

November 09, 2022

What are you entrusting to God today? Whatever it is, turn it over to Him and He will handle it. That’s the message we hear in 2 Kings 20 on the Bible Bus today, and it’s also the message we hear from this listener in Burundi:

“I used to despise the Word of God and all that related to God. I felt forgotten and miserable. I had so many problems and nowhere to turn. That’s how I came to find your program. When I began listening, strangely I couldn’t stop. Little by little my heart turned to God. Finally, I asked Him to change my life and He did. Feelings like happiness and peace once seemed out of reach. Now they are a regular part of my life. I pray about everything and feel God does listen. I thank you for the gift of knowing Him and Him for the gift of a new life and outlook.”

What a great reminder. God does listen and He answers our prayers! As His Word goes out on THRU the BIBLE today, pray more people turn to God and wait on Him to work things out for their good and His glory.

What worry keeps you up at night? Join us tomorrow as we ask God to intervene.

Listen here to TTB-Kirundi.