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Join us for a feast of blessings

November 24, 2022

“A feast of blessings.” That’s what THRU the BIBLE’s president, Gregg Harris, recently called the emails, texts, letters, voicemails, and videos we receive from listeners all over the world. Today is Thanksgiving for those in the U.S., and before you and yours give thanks and celebrate, let’s take a few minutes to “feast” together on the remarkable things God is doing in the lives of our fellow Bible Bus passengers around the world. 

From Madagascar: “I am in the fourth year studying philosophy at the university. Listening to the program I really feel the call of God to be a pastor like you. How can I do this?” 

From Nepal: “I am an old lady. I’ve been feeling loss and been sick for a few months. Everything is gone right before my eyes—my health, my stamina, and my small job. I used to cry every day and feel that all my prayers are empty. But as I listened to you teach, I believe God is redirecting my path. I was reminded even if we have as little faith as a mustard seed we will and can remove mountains. I now commit everything to the Lord’s hand and feel no fear at all. I‘m surrendering my whole life to Him. I will continue listening to His Word and know that He will speak to me and bring me closer.” 

From Nigeria: “My neighbors are partnering with you in preaching God’s Word to us Muslims. I have now converted and joined them. Please pray with us and send us some Hausa Bibles. Minds are changing here, and God’s Word is becoming more valuable.” 

We pray, and God multiplies. What a blessing! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at THRU the BIBLE. 

Tomorrow, we hear from a prisoner in Poland. Share in the joy of his changed life.