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How did God get your attention?

December 09, 2022

“The best time to trust God is at the crisis moment in your life.” -Dr. Vernon McGee from the digital booklet “Only God: When He is All You Have

God wants our attention. How did He get yours? Balram in India shares his family’s story:

“We were heartbroken. There was nothing else we could do, there was no where we could turn. My father's kidneys were damaged, and the doctor said there was no cure. They sent him home to die. For days we were in mourning and didn’t leave the house. A neighbor saw this and stopped by the house. He introduced us to your Bible study in Hindi.

“Normally we would never have listened, but at this point we listened intently. I really liked what I heard and listened again. I understood clearly who God is. Jesus began to fill my life with blessings and provide for all my needs. We started praying regularly as a family and with our neighbors. My father’s health improved, and that drew the attention of other family members. Today we are thanking God for the extra time we have with him and giving the Lord praise. We have learned to give God all our sorrows and our dreams and trust Him to sort it all out.”

Praise God for good neighbors who reach out to those around them. As His Word goes out, pray God gets the attention of more people in India. And as we study His Word and come before Him, let’s follow the example of Balram and his family and learn to give God our sorrows and our dreams and trust Him to sort it out for our good and His glory.

There’s more to thank God for on Monday. Join us as we praise Him in Zimbabwe.

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